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Elena is an experienced skin care and beauty therapist, who has built up her knowledge of skin care and beauty during the number of years of intensive work. She attends training courses and conferences in order to keep up with the latest techniques in all treatments. Her aim is to provide the very best service in a professional manner, to suit client's needs and make them feel comfortable and welcome.










Eye Treatments

Eyebrow Shape


Eyebrow Tint


Eyebrow Shape & Tint


25 mins

Eyebrow Shape & Tint and Eyelash Tint


Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Lamination


40 mins

Sugaring Special Waxing





Additional Hollywood


Little History about sugar waxing!

Sugaring has been practised in parts North and East Africa for hundreds of years, even Cleopatra is purported to have used this method!

Sugaring was brought into England in 1984 by a Tunisian lady who realised that there were very few women who possessed the art of sugaring and that women in England could benefit from a much more effective, less painful and more pleasant hair removal technique.

Hollywood bikini sugar wax will make your skin silky smooth with no post irritation for up to 4 weeks. The natural product will exfoliate the skin and helps to remove ingrowing hair!

Part massage (60 min) £40

Therapeutic massage to ease aches & pains or just for a pure relaxation


Back massage (30 min) £25 Ideal for tension areas and stress relief

Deep tissue massage 30 min £30

Head massage 20 min £20

Hopi ear candles with Sinus Drain massage 45 min £35 ( Hopi ear candles bring relief from discomfort associated with ear wax build up, sinus  congestion, migraine & stress relief)


Hybrid gel deep manicure £30

( A deep manicure is a technique that makes use of an electronic file to remove the excess skin surrounding your nail bed. It's said to avoid cutting the nail too aggressively and allows the nail technician to be more in control, compared to when using nippers. Also allows to applicate a gel close to cuticular what will make you look nice, accurate and last longer with no visible gap up to 4 weeks)


Take off and new set £35


Facials :

Relaxing spa facial £40

(Cleansing, exfoliating, luxury face, neck shoulders massage, finishing with additional mask or cream application.)


Ultrasonic treatment  30 min - £30

It’s  Fantastic value for the great cleansing facial, that includes lymphatic drainage massage what can reduce puffiness eyes, The  heat created by ultrasuond vibration will open the pores and remove  debris of the skin and helps to maintain healthy and glow look by increasing the blood circulation.

Sugar wax face exfoliation & hair removal treatment   -£30

It’s  equal alternative to dermaplaning facial, with benefits of:💥

1. Removes soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils.

2. Promotes EXTREMELY smoother skin.

3. Safe procedure for removing dead skin cells and “peachfuzz”

4. Diminishes the look of fine lines.

5. Reduces the appearance of acne scars.

5. Provides deeper product penetration.

6. Works for all skin types 💥

Sugar face exfoliation & hair removal with eyebrows shape &  tint   - £40  ( 45-50 min)

Medibac cleansing facial  ( 75min ) -£65, (90 min )- £75
This treatment focus on a deep cleansing of acne prone skin, designed to kill bacteria, healing inflammation, based on the fruit acids peels what will make the extraction much comfortable for you & leave the skin deeply cleansed, rejuvenate with the long lasting result.

Clarifying Peel -the single treatment (30 min) £45 , the course of 3 -£105, 4 treatment is £140.
Its specially designed for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin, Smoothing of skin texture, reduction in pores & blemishes, improvement in skin elasticity, reduction of capillary. Sunscreen SPF 30-50 HAS TO BE APPLIED DAILY after the treatment!

GLOW ENHANCING  peel (30 min)-£35 is the latest product  for facial  peels.

 For this fantastic  price you getting the combination of MANDELIC - LACTIC AND CITRIC ACID  to improve appearance of dull uneven skin tones and softens rough surface by removing dead skin from the top layer.  Finishing off with the cooling mask and special product application. If  you are getting ready to go somewhere special,  this treatment will give your skin renewed complexion.


Dermapen  treatment  known as microneedling  treatment with mesotherapy product  application - from £85  (80 min)
Generate the new collagen and skin tissue for smoother , firmer, more toned, hydrated, glowing skin.💃😍🌺
Plump up your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles also
helps for the appearance of acne scars, lage pores, pigmentation! For more youthful looking skin!
Finishing of with the cooling mask & LED mask.


The skin - biorevitalization Treatment by Hyluronic acid and amino acids 💉

Specifically designed  to treat the aging wrinkles of the face, neck or décolletage area, gives the volume to the skin, rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin.

Single treatment is £160 -60 min

The course of 3 treatment is £390 every 2 weeks,

Maintenance 1 per 3 month.

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