Olaplex treatment for healthy hair

Our high-quality Olaplex hair treatment at H2O Hair and Beauty will help your hair to re-bond internally and restore lost hair.

Hair treatments that restore compromised hair

If you want to improve the overall health of your hair and improve its look and strength, Olaplex is an effective treatment for excellent hair health. With Olaplex, you will begin to see the healthy results in a matter of weeks. Olaplex has a 3-step process which will help seek out and rebuild broken bonds in the hair and restore them to a strong, shiny and healthy state. 

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Olaplex products

Salon steps

Step 1: Bond multiplier
This helps with rebuilding of broken disulphide bonds and also prevents damage.
Step 2: Bond perfector
This helps with continuing to rebuild and restore the remaining broken bonds, making sure strong hair growth.

Final take home step

Step 3: Hair perfector
This needs to be used regularly at least once a week to provide continuous protection to your hair. Find out more about the history of OLAPLEX here.

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